Classic Walking Tour of Prato

Prato Tour Classico 1

The exterior of Santo Stefano Cathedral (Duomo)

This tour will lead you to discover the most open to contemporary among the Tuscan towns: Prato, whose two different “souls”, the most ancient and the modern one, coexist in a fascinating mixture that will enchant you!

Castello dell'Imperatore in Prato, Tuscany

Castello dell’Imperatore (Emperor’s Castle)

Modern town with a strong industrial vocation, Prato has a charming old center, where you can find both magnificent Medieval and Renaissance monuments and modern works by contemporary artists, in a charming mix of old and new.

A single ticket allows you to visit two wonderful monuments: the beautiful frescoed chapels inside the Duomo, where great Italian artists like Filippo Lippi and Paolo Uccello worked, and the adjacent Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, important museum created to house some works of art linked to the Cathedral and the cult of the Holy Belt (Virgin’s Girdle). These holy relics, so dear to Prato’s citizens, are exhibited annually from the external pulpit of the Cathedral, architectural and sculptural masterpiece by Donatello and Michelozzo! Alongside these extraordinary Renaissance works of art, the Duomo also houses charming contemporary sculptures by artists such as Robert Morris and Joseph Spagnulo. Ancient and modern always coexist in Prato!

Walking through the old center, we will also reach the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio, ancient medieval building that now houses an important museum of painting, the Franciscan Church of San Francesco and the imposing Castello dell’Imperatore (Emperor’s Castle). Still livable town, away from the so-called “mass tourism”, Prato won’t disappoint you!


Prato Tour Classico 3

Palazzo Pretorio


Duration: 3 h

Cost: 110  €*

(*price per guide, not per person)

This is not a shared tour!

It means you will not have other people sharing the tour with you and your guide will be at your exclusive service.

Further information

The cost does not include the entrance ticket to the Chapels of the Duomo and Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.


Info and booking: – Silvia +39 339 2594233 – Caterina +39 320 0768294