City with a strong industrial vocation, known since the Middle Ages for its textile industry, Prato has a charming old town, with beautiful Medieval and Renaissance monuments concentrated in the two adjacent squares of the Cathedral and the Town Hall, the artistic and social “heart” of the town. Among the Tuscan cities, Prato is probably the most open to contemporary: here ancient masterpieces coexist with modern sculptures and works of art, in a mix that will seduce and fascinate you! Prato shows its own distinct individuality even in the food sector, with excellent food goodies, such as the famous almond biscuits called “Cantuccini” and the tasty “mortadella” (salami) of Prato! The town is located in the heart of the Bisenzio river valley, green land rich in forests and woods of chestnut and beech trees, dotted with ancient fortresses, churches and parishes. The Apennine Calvana Mountains, situated on the border between the provinces of Prato and Florence, is a protected natural area, ideal base for trekking excursions. Come to discover Prato and its territory with us!

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