Small “pearl” of northern Tuscany, Pistoia is a lovely medieval town of quiet charm, still livable and away from the mass tourism, full of wonderful treasures which must be discovered. Piazza del Duomo, one of the oldest squares of Tuscany, is the heart of the old town, along with the nearby Piazza della Sala, for centuries the picturesque seat of a bustling fruit and vegetable market and meeting place par excellence, with its restaurants, taverns and pubs. Pistoia and its surroundings are famous all over the world for their plant nurseries: the most luscious plants and the most beautiful trees present in the major European cities come from the plant nurseries near Pistoia. The territory of Pistoia is a corner of Tuscany where you can find still intact locations, the authentic and picturesque scenery of the Apennines, villages rich in art and traditions, renowned spa towns and many food and wine excellences all to be discoverd! Come to visit Pistoia and its green lands with us!

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