Give a tour!

Why to give a tour?
It’s an easy and fast way to make an original and certainly very welcome gift.

How does it work?
It’s very easy! Let us explain it in 3 steps:
1. Choose the tour you want to give to somebody. You can choose between our regular shared tours or our private tours (see the next answer).
2. Send us an e-mail to We will give you all the instructions to pay for the tour from the comfort of your home.
3. We will send you a voucher for the guided tour you chose. Ti invieremo un buono per la visita che hai scelto. It will be the best greeting card to give to the people you love!

What is the difference between a shared tour and a private tour?
If you choose a shared tour, the person who receive your gift will share the guided visit with other people, becoming part of a group. You can find the list of our shared tour in the section “Share the tour!”
If you opt for a private tour, instead, you will give to your loved one the unforgettable experience of having a tour guide at his/her complete disposal for the whole tour! You can find the list of the private tours, organized by geographical areas, on the site’s home page!

It is a good idea to make a good impression, isn’t it?