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 “Che Bellezza”… What does it mean?

Che bellezza!” is a tipical Italian expression you say when you see something awesome or when you want to express satisfaction and happyness. You will say it visiting Tuscany with us!

“Che Bellezza” was born during a September afternoon, under the rain of a sudden downpour, while Silvia and Caterina were having lunch together. They didn’t know each other so well, but they had similar work interests and experiences. The two girls talked about their ideas and they immediately discovered to have working opinions and aims in common. So “Che Bellezza” project was thought up and designed in a short time.

Months of hard work followed: months of changing ideas, successes and failures, as it always is. The relationship between the two girls has grown and strengthened. The result of so many efforts is constantly repaid by people choosing one of “Che Bellezza” tours. Because the most satisfying thing in a job so close to people is seeing people happy for the city they has visited!


Who are Silvia and Caterina?

I am Caterina, nice to meet you! I am an art historian and a touristic guide; I live between Florence, Prato and Pistoia, in the beautiful frame of the Montalbano region. There are three things that I love about my work: meeting people with language and culture different from mines, talking about my territory and Italians, and being in beautiful places as I do all these things. Can anyone be luckier then me?


Hello everybody, I’m Silvia! I’m a tour guide and the owner of Sunny Tuscany & Italy, online travel agency specialized in holidays and tours in Tuscany. What I love about my job? The human contact with the people I meet during my tours, having the pleasure and honor to explain them the beauties of my land! And the satisfaction that I get from organizing stays in Tuscany for anyone wishing to visit this beautiful region! My experience and passion are at your disposal for planning your trip to Tuscany!