The Frieze of the Ceppo Hospital in Pistoia

You can visit the Frieze during our mini special tour The Frieze of the Ceppo Hospital

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Sometimes people ask me: “Is there anything we can’t miss visiting Pistoia?” and I always answer: “The Frieze of the Ceppo Hospital!”, a masterpiece that makes my heart beating every time I’m in front of it.

Why is it particular? It has been restored since few months, so it seems to see it as it was during the 16th century, when it was realized: vivid colors that leave their mark. The scenes follow one another in a harmonious narration of the Seven Works of Mercy and the reading doesn’t tire, rather it thrills. At the end of the last scene I always think “what a pity! There isn’t an eighth scene!”.

I only have a tip to give to people who want to visit the Frieze: take field-glasses with you, so you will appreciate all the small details the artists put inside each scene. You will not miss anything!

Ah, another tip: choose a good tourist guide. She will get you into the beauty you see and you will come back home thinking that probably a small frieze would be nice even over your main door!


Frieze of the Ceppo Hospital
Giovanni XXIII square, Pistoia
always visible and free



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